Working with Sterling has been a very rewarding experience.  He is quiet and
willing.  I look forward to his continued
success and future training

K. Kochis

I'd also like to say that Leigh was really great to deal with.  She was very helpful and most importantly, very honest.  I told her what I was looking for and she said Trinket was it.  Trinket looked great on the video but I guess you're always taking somewhat of a chance buying a pony you've never seen in person.  But she's turned out to be everything Leigh said she was and I think the AWR inspection really proved it too!
Mary Casagrande, NJ
I will second your comments regarding Leigh.  She was very nice to deal with when I purchased Romeo-honest, quick to answer my questions, and just very helpful all around.  Romeo was honestly represented and I am thrilled with him.
Tina Balderston, Idaho
Wildwynn Trinket: 2000 Chestnut Welsh/Arabian Filly
Wildwynn Romeo: 1999 Purebred Welsh Colt
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WHEE! What a wild couple of days! Annie ovulated and was bred right on target. My vet commends you and your vet on your handling of the shipment. He tested out at 60% on arrival, which my vet said was very very good! His comment was that he wished everyone sent him semen this good and with as little hassle. Now all we have to do is cross our fingers and hold our breath until the 14 day check! Will let you know how it turns out!


Jim D.                                                      Breeding
Our Dressage instructor, who is a FEI rider and International judge acredited through 4th level, also liked him. Said he moved more like a horse. He is the first pony that she approved off.
J. Dingman           Breeding
I cannot express my thanks enough to Leigh in her always optimistic view of
getting this mare in foal and her diligent efforts in accommodating our need
for shipped semen.

We at the 5P are so thrilled at the prospects of a little pinto Wynnbrook
gracing our pastures come late spring. This foal will be presented to the AWR
sport pony division inspections in 2002. As well, Lass will be presented this
year for grading.

L.Perkins, shipped semen breeding

Wildwynn Caramel Kisses, purchased from Leigh Preddy, arrived last evening
in good shape all the way from NC to wCO.  She is exactly as advertised:
elegant, feminine, very nice mover, and a great "blonde" color that Leigh
says probably will darken (also white hairs in her flanks, so could roan).
The driver loved her, said she was always in his pocket...and she is very
friendly and very sweet, and settling in well.

I am thrilled, and Leigh was wonderful to work with - great customer service
and very helpful, even when she had to rush to get the health certificate at
the last minute, due to shipper's upping their schedule.  I am very

Barb Young:
Rainbow Farm Unlt
     Pony Purchase 
I love what your stallion has put on the ground and wondered if you knew of any purebred mediums for sale by him?  All the ponies I have seen by him were wonderful. 

Winship Farms
We just absolutely love your ponies.  We hope that you bred at least one for us this year.  Rocket is fancier than ever!!!!  He is going to be started lounging and ground driving soon and we'll just take it really slow with him.  He is a little full of life but just absolutely drop dead gorgeous.  I will send a photo soon when we pull his mane and clip him.  Wildwynn Jet's Reign is going to the sale in Kentucky this year.  She has been showing in Large Children's pony this year and has been Champion or reserve almost every time out.  She is winning pleasure pony and schooling pony at a local show series.  We haven't heard from the new owners of Wildwynn Taylor Made and miss him dearly but am sure he is doing great and loving his pampered lifestyle.  Hope you all are doing well and look forward to seeing our new pony soon

Sue Chambers, Harmony Ridge, MD